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Italy 01/10/2020

Kiwifruit production forecast to increase for Greece and Italy

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Like many other events, the 39th meeting of the IKO (International Kiwifruit Organization) which should have been held in New Zealand took place this year in a videoconference format. Among the main topics discussed, production forecasts for the Northern Hemisphere.
The 39th meeting of IKO (International Kiwifruit Organization) took place by videoconference on September 16 and 17. Delegations from New Zealand, Chile, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal and France attended.
Among the main topics discussed, production forecasts for the Northern Hemisphere forecast production in Europe at around 707,000 tonnes, or 6% more than in 2019. In Italy production could reach 327,000 tonnes, which represents + 3% compared to 2019. In Greece, production could reach 272,000 tonnes, which represents + 10% compared to 2019. Production in Portugal and Spain should also experience a positive balance, while production in France should drop by 6%.
The increase in Italian production results from the development of the yellow-fleshed kiwifruit, which should reach nearly 80,000 tonnes this year (or + 35%) while the production of green kiwifruit should drop by 4%, due to the damage caused by frost and loss of green kiwi surfaces
Greece continues to record an extension of the surfaces which will reach this year nearly 11,000 hectares of kiwis in production. The volumes produced will therefore grow in the future.

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Italian production should grow by + 3% and Greek production by + 10% according to the estimates made during the IKO meeting (Photo:
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