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TOMRA Food introduces the app that enables remote experts to provide specialist support to a customer

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TOMRA Food has launched the TOMRA Visual Assist - the new Augmented Reality tool that provides remote specialist assistance to a customer. This tool enables to reduce the necessity of in-person visits, by solving problems of different stages of complexity on distance, which is especially important during the pandemic. 


According to Andreas Reddemann, VP and Head of Global Service at TOMRA Food, Aftermarket & Service, this new service is a practical solution to provide high quality service to their clients, as far as it can’t be possible to always have the right Field Service Engineer immediately on site, with such a diverse spread of customers as they have. TOMRA Visual Assist is an alternative to advise and support a customer physically.


The service is extremely easy to use and doesn’t require any additional equipment but a mobile phone with a camera. 

The TOMRA Field Service Engineer sends an invitation to start the session in response to the customer requests support via a message or phone call. 


It directly links a customer to a call straight after opening the app, so that the TOMRA specialist could help with the specific issue immediately through the voice or video chat. The Field Service Engineer can point the camera of their mobile phone to show what exactly they need to see.

TOMRA Visual Assist can share documents and images to clarify directions to a customer.

It also supports advanced tools such as Smart Glasses, which provide an Augmented Reality remote intervention that enables the customer technician to operate with their own hands.


TOMRA Visual Assist is a powerful tool to share specialist knowledge and deliver training with TOMRA's field service. It includes 3 types of support: TOMRA Assist 24/7 (phone and email support); support via real-time monitoring features of the TOMRA Insight cloud-based service and TOMRA Remote Assist, which enables TOMRA service engineers to operate with customer's device remotely. 


TOMRA Assist is part of TOMRA Food's growing offering of digital services which response all the needs of customer: training via TOMRA Academy, service support via TOMRA Care, remote assistance with TOMRA Assist, demonstrations and testing via TOMRA Explore, education via TOMRA Talks, and connected services through TOMRA Insight. 




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The service is extremely easy to use and doesn’t require any additional equipment but a mobile phone with a camera.
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