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Receive notifications every time a buyer needs your products/equipment

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Time is money ! and this is specially true for sales team.
For anyone looking to increase sales team performance, here is a fantastic online service: Verified Buyer Alerts…
What is the most important issue to develop new business ?
TO BE THERE AT THE RIGHT TIME , let me explain…
Every day your sales team is calling tens of prospects to propose your fresh produce or equipment. 95% of calls or even more, they hear the same answer: “we do not need this produce at the moment”
Imagine you could be alerted when a buyer needs your produce. This service does exist and is operated by
Thanks to our reputation in the market and our 145.000 F/V professionals database, we receive everyday enquiries from buyers who are searching fresh produce and equipments.
Check todays buyers’ alerts: HERE
Fructidor team checks manually every demand, qualify those and then we send alerts to our Fructidor Gold Members.
Gold members receive identity of buyer with mobile and e mail and the exact needs with quantity, product, origin, caliber, packaging, incoterm etc…
In 5”, your sales team will know if it s worth to invest their time in this HOT LEAD.
The plan for GOLD MEMBER is a one year plan, with affordable price  of 150€ /month (160 US$ approx).
On Top of that, Fructidor guarantees a minimum of 50 Buyer alerts per year
Get Gold Members  CLICK HERE  
Become Gold
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