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Poland 07/09/2021

Good expectations for the apple season in Poland

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The apple season is starting slowly in Poland. Jan Nowakowski, General Director of Genesis Fresh, says they are now beginning with the Gala variety, which is surprisingly early. 


“The demand for Gala is quite high at the moment. The volume is expected to be sufficient, more than average. There might be losses in some varieties, around 20-30% losses for Jonagold, for example. Nevertheless, the Gala crop should be good, because we didn’t have frost in spring. We had a long winter which caused some damage to the trees, but still, the volume is pretty good. Some regions may experience hill storms which can affect the trees but this season it didn’t happen. We didn’t have any big losses like last year, when 90% of the crop was damaged., comments Nowakowski.


“The summer was rainy, and the harvest time which is now, is also quite rainy and cold, which will result in delays of harvesting, and the coloration might not be that great. But we still have a few weeks for the weather to improve”, continues the general director. 


“We have different varieties which are harvested in the window of few weeks. Now we are starting with Gala, followed by Jonagold, Golden, Idared, which is the last variety to be harvested. Around the end of September and sometimes in the middle of October we harvest the last variety.” 


This season, Genesis Fresh offers a new breed of Gala and Red Delicious varieties. The company will mainly supply those markets which they supply normally: Europe, Asia and Africa. 


“Last year we didn’t have enough volume to supply each market so we mainly focused on the European market. But this year we expect to supply Egypt, India… This season might be quite busy for us. It’s a good year to supply various destinations due to high volumes and good quality. I heard that some European countries such as France or Italy have a volume shortage of apple crop which brings the opportunity for us to export to those destinations which these countries used to supply. The Egyptian market is also growing for Poland and it is a good alternative for us, in terms of embargo with Russia. We welcome every customer who is looking for good fruit in Poland.” , concluded Jan.



Genesis Fresh is a Polish grower and exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables. It offers different varieties of high quality apples, blueberries, pears, cherries; tomatoes, capsicum, cauliflower, broccoli, white and Chinese cabbage, iceberg, carrot, aubergine, and onions. 

All their products are certified with GLOBAL GAP, IFS, and BRC higher level, ISO, HACCP and Integrated Production Certificates. Storing goods in modern cold stores KA and ULO with a total capacity of 20.000 tons enables the company to deliver high quality fruit and veg all year round.




For more information, see the website


For contact: 

+48 223 783 405

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This season, Genesis Fresh offers a new breed of Gala and Red Delicious varieties. The company will mainly supply those markets which they supply normally: Europe, Asia and Africa.
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