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Taiwan R.O.C. 29/09/2021

Record in volume and value for agricultural exports

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Taiwan sets new records for its agricultural exports, which grew by + 5.5% in volume and + 17.6% in value.
This performance is attributed to a particularly significant increase in trade with the United States. China remained the largest importer of Taiwanese agricultural products with a value of TWD 15.7 billion (USD 565.9 million), an increase of + 13.7%. The United States comes in 2nd position with 12 billion TWD (432.5 million USD), an increase of + 40% compared to the same period of the previous year.
Dependence on the Chinese market remains strong. Last March, the ban on Taiwanese pineapples on the Chinese market allowed the sector to step up its sales in other markets, such as Japan and Singapore. Taiwanese professionals believe that the search for new markets must continue.
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Pineapples from Taiwan were banned in China last March, but the industry responded by diversifying its markets.
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