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Australia 12/10/2021

Avocado production is expected to be 150% higher than last year by Christmas

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While Australia produced 78,085 tonnes of avocados for fiscal year 2020/21, production of 120,298 tonnes is forecast for fiscal year 2021/22. Or + 53.85%
According to the latest forecasts made by Avocados Australia, production for the 2021/22 financial year will reach 120,298 tonnes. Or + 53.85% compared to the previous year.
The large volume expected this year comes from good crop conditions in the state of Western Australia where the harvest will exceed all expectations. To define this abundant production, industry professionals have nicknamed it "Avolanche" (Avocats-Avanlanche).
"Australian production by Christmas is expected to be 150% higher than last year," said Mr Joh Tyas, CEO of Avocados Australia, the representative body of the Australian avocado industry.
Avocados Australia estimates that avocado production should continue to increase to around 170,000 tonnes by 2026, more than double the 2020-21 harvest. Figures and other statistics on avocado production and consumption are available  AAL-Facts-at-a-glance3.pdf
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Australia will experience an 'avalanche' of avocados this year (Photo:
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