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Cameroon 13/10/2021

The recovery is confirmed for Cameroonian banana exports

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According to statistics from Assobacam (Cameroon Banana Association) exports totaled 20,471 tonnes in September 2021, i.e. an increase of + 61.81% compared to August and + 64.13% compared to month of July
Assobacam (Cameroon Banana Association) reported that for the month of September 2021 exports totaled 20,471 tonnes of bananas. That is + 61.81% compared to the 12,651 tonnes shipped in August and + 64.31% compared to the 12,459 tonnes shipped in July.
From one month to the next, the progression is remarkable, but if the comparison is made with the result for September 2020, the volume shipped this year in September is + 14.11% compared to the 17,939 tonnes exported in September 2020.
This year, between January and September 2021, Cameroon's banana exports reached 140,731 tonnes. That is a variation of + 3.4% compared to the same period of 2020 which recorded 136,048 tonnes.
Bananas are an important source of foreign currency for Cameroon, which intends to increase its annual production to 500,000 tonnes in 2030.
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Exports in September recorded an increase of + 61.81% compared to August (Photo:
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