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Spain 19/10/2021

Technology that favors plant cultivation: Projar offers natural substrates for soil

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Projar is a global provider of solutions for plant growing. The company offers substrates, coir fiber, growing trays, pots, and other products that favor growing conditions for vegetable, berry, and fruit plants. Projar manufactures substrates and compressed coir fiber in their facilities in Spain, Sri Lanka and India. 


Alejandra Pintos, Marketing Director at Projar, explained to Fructidor why their solutions are indispensable for fruit and veg growers.


According to Pintos, the soil in the field does not always favor the plant's growth. What Projar offers is a substrate addable to the soil which ameliorates habitat when the plant is transferred to the field, thus making the process less stressful for the young plant. Projar’s substrate ROOTSTART RS8 is a mix of peat coir and worm humus which support the root system. 


“Now we are launching the product in Almeria, Spain, where we work with small and large scale producers. We also have requests from abroad, so we plan to enter new markets next year. This summer was the first season when we introduced our product in Almeria, and the feedback was very positive. In the future, we would like to work with large producing companies and cooperatives.”, commented Alejandra Pintos.



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Alejandra Pintos, Marketing Director at Projar, Fruit Attraction 2021
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