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Australia 22/10/2021

Declines for Australian vegetable exports, except for carrots and onions

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Despite strong vegetable production in most of Australia for the 2020/21 season, the value and volume of vegetable exports declined, except for carrots and onions.
The Australian Agricultural Trade Report 2020/21 released by the Rural Bank showed that vegetable exports fell by 6.6 million AUS (4.9 million USD), a decrease of 2.2%, to 288, 6 million AUSD (216.1 million USD).
According to the Rural Bank, this drop in exports is due to the COVID-19 pandemic, disruption of shipments and logistical problems that have led to increased costs affecting the viability of vegetable exports.
Potatoes: Australian exports decreased by AUD 5.3 million (USD 3.9 million), or -12.7%, to AUD 36.3 million (USD 27.1 million). This decrease is explained by a variation of -8.5% in the exported volume and -4.8% in the average export price due to stagnant demand.
Carrots: Australian exports increased by 6.3 million AUS (4.7 million USD), or + 6.9%, to 97.4 million AUD (72.9 million USD). The increase is explained by a variation of + 4.7% in exported volume and + 2.1% in average export prices. Global demand grew and markets in Asia and the Middle East accounted for the majority of destinations where Australian carrots were exported.
Onions: Australian exports increased by AUD 0.580 million (USD 0.434 million), or + 1.9%, to AUD 30.8 million (USD 23 million). The exported volume increased by + 24.8% but the average export price varied by -18.3%. The increase in volumes is mainly due to the increase in exports to Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. On the contrary, exports to the EU decreased by AUD 2.9 million (USD 2.1 million), or -28.8%.
The report published by Rural Bank analyzes the performance of 6 agricultural sectors. For the period 2020/21 studied, Australian agricultural exports totaled 49.6 billion AUD (36.6 billion USD), or -0.8% compared to the previous period.
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Carrots and onions are the only vegetables to show an increase in volume and value according to the Rural Bank report (Photos:,
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