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Taiwan R.O.C. 28/10/2021

The diversification of export markets is on the right track

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In recent months Taiwan has implemented a market diversification strategy for its fruit exports. The results are encouraging with an increase of + 137% recorded for the period January to June 2021.
To respond to China's ban on imports of Taiwanese pineapples, then to new regulations, a market diversification strategy has been put in place. The results are encouraging with an increase of + 137% of Taiwanese fruit exports to markets other than China for the period from January to June 2021 compared to the same period of 2020. 
Over this period, Taiwanese fruit exports to Japan grew by + 272%, those to South Korea grew by + 53% and those to the United States grew by + 10%.
Taiwanese fresh fruit exports to China fell. Between January and September 2019, around 80% of Taiwanese fresh fruit was exported to China, but this year the proportion is only 49.6%.
But for all Taiwanese agricultural products, exports to China have only experienced a slight decline, dropping from a share of 20.8% in 2020 to 20.1% in 2021 according to RTI (Radio Taiwan International Taiwan exported 200,000 tonnes of rice last year, including 100,000 tonnes to China.
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Taiwan has successfully diversified its fresh fruit export markets and reduced its dependence on the Chinese market (Photo:
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