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Korea (South) 11/11/2021

Rebound expected for pear production in South Korea

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After the 2020/21 season which had recorded a variation of -34% due to unfavorable weather conditions, South Korean pear production for the 2021/22 season is estimated to increase by + 38.78%.
According to a FAS (Foreign Agricultural Service) report by USDA's Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN), in South Korea, pear production for the 2021/22 marketing year (July-June) is expected to reach 184,800 tonnes, or + 38.78% compared to the previous campaign which had been marked by unfavorable meteorological phenomena (rains, heatwave, typhoons).
This large volume is explained by favorable weather conditions during the flowering and fruit growth seasons and by the increase in yield (pear production per unit area) which should register an increase of + 29.6%.
For this 2021/22 marketing year, the area planted with pears is estimated at 9,774 hectares, or + 7.5% compared to the previous campaign.
This rebound in areas contradicts observations for a decade: the area was 15,081 hectares for the 2011/12 campaign and 9,091 hectares for the 2020/21 campaign. A steady decrease stemming, according to local professionals, from expanding urban development near pear production areas and the shift to other more profitable crops, such as subtropical fruits.
In South Korea, 3 regions (Gyeonggi, South Chungcheong, South Jeolla) produce 65% of the national pear production.
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Pear production is expected to reach 184,800 tonnes, up 38.78% from the previous season (Photo:
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