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Russia 18/11/2021

Planned increases of + 25% for vegetables and + 12% for potatoes

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In Russia, the production of field vegetables and potatoes should increase by 2025 by + 25% and + 12% compared to 2020.
According to the statements of Artem Korovin, deputy director, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation predicts that the production of field vegetables in 2025 will reach 6.8 million tonnes, or + 25% compared to 2020, and potato production to reach 7.6 million tonnes, i.e. + 12% compared to 2020.
Russian production this year is expected to total around 5.5 million tonnes for field vegetables and around 6.5 million tonnes for potatoes. For greenhouse vegetables, the harvest is expected to exceed 1.4 million tonnes, compared to 1.37 million tonnes last year.
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The forecasts of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture predict for 2025 an increase in potato production + 12% compared to 2020 (Photo:
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