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Kenya 09/06/2022

Chinese and Indian markets are about to open up to Kenyan avocado

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The Kenyan government has conducted negotiations with China and India which are about to be concluded according to professionals in the sector. The opening of these 2 gigantic markets would bring new opportunities to the sector.
According to Mr. Muthomi Ernest, CEO of ASK (Avocado Society of Kenya), the government has successfully negotiated with China and India to provide lawyers to the 2 countries.
The opening of these 2 gigantic markets will boost the production of avocados, promote better incomes for farmers and increase exports from Kenya.
Kenya produces more than 240,000 tonnes of avocados and can further increase its production according to Mr. Muthomi Ernest who clarified that Kenya is the 1st exporter in Africa for avocados, with 85 million kilos exported in 2021.
In 2019 China only allowed frozen Kenyan avocados, due to the presence of fruit flies in the country. Kenyan exporters could not manage the extra cost of freezing the products and the volume exported to China was very low.
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The opening of Chinese and Indian markets will boost production and increase exports from Kenya (Photo:
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