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South Africa 07/07/2022

Hundreds of containers of oranges are under threat from new European measures

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New EU measures requiring 'cold processing' for oranges imported from South Africa threaten hundreds of containers of oranges already being shipped from South Africa and on their way to the EU
Justin Chadwick, the CEO of the CGA (Citrus Growers Association), expressed in his weekly newsletter his concern about hundreds of containers of oranges already shipped whose customs clearance at destination may be uncertain. The new European measures are published and the 'cold treatment' requirement comes into force.
But Justin Chadwick believes that these European regulatory measures are "unjustified, scientifically erroneous, unnecessary and disproportionate". Emphasizing that these measures are implemented without considering the technical justification, because it is not a risk that requires emergency measures, but only by political protectionism
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New EU measures come into force but customs clearance is uncertain for hundreds of containers of South African oranges on their way to the EU (Photo:
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