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Kenya 25/08/2022

Kenya has started shipping fresh avocados to China

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After the bilateral agreement signed by the 2 countries in January, a new step was taken at the beginning of August with the 1st batch of fresh Kenyan avocados sent to the Chinese market.
According to the Xinhua agency, on August 2, the first batch of fresh Kenyan avocados was shipped to China. Local company Sunripe and its Chinese counterpart Greechain facilitated the shipment, after receiving the green light from regulatory agencies responsible for certifying quality and hygiene standards.
“Exporting fresh avocados to China is a monumental feat that will boost our economy and benefit key players in the avocado value chain, including farmers,” said David Osiany, Chief Administrative Secretary of the Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and Business Development.
Since the signing of the bilateral agreement, Chinese inspectors have traveled to Kenya, teaching farmers best agronomic practices for avocados, how to maintain quality and protect fruits from pest attacks. Smallholder farmers have received a 4-month training, organized by Chinese and Kenyan quality control agencies, to improve understanding of the quality and safety standards their avocados must meet before being shipped overseas .
More than 3 million small Kenyan farmers who grow avocados are expected to be the main beneficiaries of this access to the Chinese market.
Kenya is the 6th world exporter of avocados and the 1st African exporter. “The country shipped around 44.26 million kilos abroad earning KES 6.09 billion (around USD 51.18 million) in the first 6 months of 2022” highlighted Benjamin Tito, Director of HCD (Horticultural Crops directorate).
source : xinhua 


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Kenya made the 1st shipment of fresh avocados to the Chinese market (Photo:
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