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Kenya 31/08/2022

Kenya aims to export 100,000 tonnes of avocados to China

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Kenya has just made the 1st shipment of fresh avocados to the Chinese market, which could in the future become the largest importer of fresh Kenyan avocados. Kenya aims to export 100,000 tonnes of fresh avocados to China annually, says government official.
Kephis, Kenya's phytosanitary inspection service, announced that together with NPPO, China's National Plant Protection Organization, more than a dozen orchards have received approval along with 9 packinghouses to carry out the exports of fresh avocados to China.
This first shipment to the port of Shanghai, made at the beginning of August and comprising 4 containers of fresh avocados, is a trial to test the entire system put in place before larger shipments.
According to estimates by Kenyan professionals, more than 50 containers can be exported to the Chinese market in the latter part of this year's harvest season, and more than 500 containers will be exported to China in the new harvest season. harvests in 2023. The Chinese market is expected to consume 40% of Kenya's avocados and could in the future become Kenya's largest importer of fresh avocados.
Kenya's goal is to export more than 100,000 tons of avocados to China every year in the coming years, a government official has said.
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Kenya has started exporting fresh avocados to China which could become the biggest importer of Kenyan avocados in the future (Photo:
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