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Australia 08/09/2022

Mango production is compromised due to labor shortages

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In Australia, the mango harvest has already started in the Northern Territory region, but this year professionals fear that part of the harvest will be lost due to labor shortages.
The Northern Territory region is the largest mango producer in the country. Last year about 10 to 20% of the volume was not picked, this year the harvest promises to be even larger with an expected volume of 2.7 million trays planned in the Darwin region alone.
This year, as the harvest has begun, professionals have warned that the sector is still looking for 1,000 workers including pickers, packers, forklift drivers, and truck drivers.
Faced with the extent of the shortage of workers, a delegation left for East Timor in an attempt to increase the flow of workers from that country. The Northern Territory government has asked the federal government to expedite visa processing for foreign workers.
According to Australian professionals, the labor shortage is widespread: around 40,000 people are needed in the horticulture sector, around 120,000 people in the hospitality sector, and for the entire supply chain 172 000 workers would be needed according to Food Supply Chain Alliance.
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The mango harvest has started but the professionals lack workers for picking, packaging and transport (Photo:
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