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Turkiye 12/09/2022

Turkey monitors exports of tomato products

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The Turkish government has decided to monitor exports of canned tomatoes, tomato paste and paste, in order to avoid a rise in prices on the domestic market
In Turkey, the Ministry of Commerce has added canned tomatoes, tomato paste and paste to the list of goods whose export requires permission from the authorities.
"Reports suggesting that the export of canned tomatoes and tomato paste have been banned are false," the Commerce Ministry said after speculation that exports of such products had been banned.
The energy crisis is reducing production in Europe where the demand for agricultural products continues to increase, especially for Turkish tomato products.
Some Turkish professionals believe that the current rise in the price of fruit and vegetables is linked to the fear that the Turkish supply is intended for export to Europe to the detriment of the domestic market.
For professionals in the sector, the government decision is a clear signal of a threat of export restrictions if the supply of the local market drops.
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The government decision aims to prevent a further price increase on the domestic market caused by an increase in volumes intended for export (Photo:
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