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China 15/09/2022

A new hybrid fruit has been developed in China

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A research team from SCAU (South China Agricultural University) has developed a new longan and lychee hybrid fruit.
Called SZ52, it comes from the mixture of Shixia longan and Ziniangxi lychee. The SZ52A was presented in Guangzhou at the end of last August, during a ceremony which was followed by a tasting of the fruit.
According to Liu Chengming, research team leader and professor at SCAU, "SZ52 retains much of the original benefits of longan and lychee, and has a sweet and tender pulp with a sugar content of 20-24%." According to the scientist, SZ52 usually ripens between mid and late August in Guangzhou and surrounding areas.
The team of scientists began in 1990 its work of crossing and selection on longan and lychee. After many trials, a 1st batch was grown in 2007. After years of cultivation experiments, it was not until 2014 that the unique plant SZ52 was selected. Then in 2017, the team started regional trials. Currently SZ52 fruits have successfully grown in Guangzhou, Chaozhou, Zhanjiang, Qingyuan, Luzhou in Sichuan province and Yongchuan in Chonging province.
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A hybrid of longan and lychee, SZ52 retains the benefits of both fruits. It has a soft and tender pulp with a sugar content of 20-24% (Photo: SCAU).
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