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Peru 19/09/2022

Grape exports from Peru will increase 11% in the 2022/23 campaign

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In the 2022/23 campaign, Peru would export 71.5 million boxes of table grapes (8.2 kilos per box), which would represent an increase of 11% compared to the previous season, according to projections by the Association of Producers of Table Grapes of the Peru (Provid).
The source points out that in this new season Peru will consolidate itself as the second largest exporter of the fruit worldwide, despite the challenges of the last season, such as container logistics and rising freight costs.
The expected increase is due to the extension of the production window. Production of the Red Globe variety starts in June and ends in March. Seedless grapes start in September in Piura and continue along the coast of the country until March in Ica, culminating in April with the second harvest in Piura.
Another reason is the rapid varietal change, which results in greater market diversification.
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The expected increase in Peruvian grape exports is mainly due to the expansion of the production window. (photo:
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