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China 21/09/2022

China sends tons of onions to Pakistan

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To help people in flood-affected areas in Pakistan, China collected tons of onions and shipped them by road. 
According to statements by the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, the government of China's Xinjiang Autonomous Region sent 200 tons of onions via the Karakoram Highway to the flood-affected Pakistani people.
China, according to statements by the spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, had already provided Pakistan with real-time weather forecasts and technological support, as well as emergency humanitarian aid of 100 million RMB (14.2 million USD). The Chinese government has decided to provide additional relief worth 300 million RMB (42.7 million USD).
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The convoy of trucks loaded with onions left China to reach Pakistan (Photo: twitter/Moin ul Haque/PakAmbChina).
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