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Chile 20/09/2022

Guacolda Awards to recognize women's labor in the fruit sector

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Every year, the Association of Fruit Exporters of Chile AG (ASOEX) hands the Guacolda awards to women who stand out in the fruit sector.
Currently, nominations for this award are open, and from the Association they hope that different companies linked to the industry will participate and recognize the work of their collaborators.
Women who work in the fruit production or export sector, as well as in institutions such as orchards or packaging centers, universities or research and development centers, may be nominated; in addition to union leaders, fruit businesswomen, professionals from public services or non-governmental organizations, among others.
The deadline for submitting applications ends on November 30, 2022. It is noted that each company or institution can apply only one person. To sign up, send an email.






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Currently, the applications for registration for the Guacolda awards are open. (photo:
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