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France 03/01/2023

Growth of +8% in volume for French cauliflower production

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In France for this campaign, the surface area of cauliflower is down 1% compared to the previous campaign, but production is estimated to be up by 8%.
According to a recent Agreste Conjoncture bulletin, published by the Ministry of Agriculture, the cauliflower area for the 2022-2023 campaign is estimated at 13,923 hectares. That is -1% over 1 year and -8% compared to the 2017-2021 average.
Cauliflower production is estimated at 226,898 tonnes, or +8% over one year. The west of the country with Brittany remains the main producing region with around 193,512 tonnes. Weak at the start of the campaign, the volume harvested rapidly progressed and recorded a marked increase in November.
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In France for this campaign, cauliflower production should reach 226,898 tonnes (Photo:
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