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Spain 16/04/2024

Cal Fruitós grocery stores, more freshness and quality

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The holding company called Fruites Montbui SL ensures all the branding, sourcing, logistics, pricing and training for the licenced stores “Cal Fruitós”.

The label was recently redesigned last October. “Fresh F&V remain our core business and make 70% of our turnover, with medium-high quality products at a reasonable price, in order to differentiate from the supermarkets” explains Fruits Montbui CEO Christian Ardévol.

“Our goal is to reach 10 more establishments by 2025: we have an efficient business model, we just miss more entrepreneurs to open new stores with us”.

Cal Fruitós stores have an average of 300m2 and sell about 1900 items, 400 of them fresh produce. Sant Quirze, Travesera de Gracia and Plaza Libertad (Barcelona).



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Joan Fruitós and Jordi Benavent at new Cal Fruitós store in Sant Kirse near Barcelona.
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