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Spain 14/05/2024

Optimistic forecasts for Anecoop watermelon season with 145,000 tonnes in 2024

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Its new communication campaign entitled ‘Cada cosa su tiempo” is based on seasonality and a 100% national cropThe Anecoop Group confirms its strategic guidelines for the 2024 watermelon season, for which the cooperative is counting on a sales volume of around 145,000 tonnes. After two years of low production volumes due to adverse weather conditions, this spring's favourable climate points to a high quality crop with sufficient volume to face the season.


A benchmark product

Bouquet seedless watermelons continue to be a benchmark product for Anecoop and the leading brand in this segment. Anecoop's chairman, Alejandro Monzon recalls: ‘Bouquet watermelon was the first seedless watermelon to reach the European market. Since 1992, we have been renewing our leadership as the leading Spanish watermelon operator in Europe, consolidating our position as a pioneer in the category’.


Good prospects for production and sales

Miguel Abril, Anecoop's sales director, confirmed that so far, the plantations have developed well, especially in areas where the drought has been less severe. The weather is expected to continue to be favourable for both crop yields and consumption. ‘If the prospects for volume are maintained, we will have watermelon in quality and quantity to face the season’ confirms Miguel.


Promotional campaign ‘Casa cosa su tiempo”.

Anecoop's marketing manager, Piedad Coscollá presented last April the communication strategy for this summer. The watermelon 2024 campaign emphasises the seasonal nature of the product with the message ‘Cada cosa su tiempo”, means each thing in its own time. It also points directly to its strategy of 100% national cultivation. With the aim of giving the product visibility and attracting consumer attention in an attractive way, the campaign, based on a multimedia strategy, will have a strong online investment. It will use both specialised and general press, consumer magazines, local radio, regional, national and cable TV.



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Anecoop family star of Bouquet wastermelons
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